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Are you in need of smoke detector service and installation for your Connecticut property? Then you have come to the right place because CTE Electric has ranked number 1 for smoke detector installation in Connecticut. With over 30 years of experience servicing and installing smoke detectors, the team at CTE Electric is your clear choice.

Smoke Detector Installation In Connecticut

Here at CTE Electric, we have been handling smoke detector service and installation in Connecticut for over 30 years. We still give you professional friendly service just as we have always been doing. Since we’re family-owned and not part of a huge chain, we are able to give you the personal quality service you deserve. We are licensed by the state and we do all levels of electrical work. Our team can handle breaker panels, commercial lighting, smoke detectors, emergency lighting, electric failures, and more. We also provide same-day emergency service.

How often should my detector be serviced?

Most smoke detector manufacturers recommend service at least once per year for detectors that have a battery. For certain hard-wired smoke detectors that use optics, most manufacturers suggest at least twice per year for inspection and cleaning. According to most fire prevention experts commercial smoke detectors should be tested twice every year. Residential smoke detectors should always be tested at least once per year.

Your Detector Service and Installation Expert

Our experience over the last 30 years in smoke detectors is invaluable in helping your project move along without a hitch. We have worked with almost every smoke detector system and can easily navigate its unique system. As a highly respected Electrician in the entire area, CTE Electric is a clear choice for your next project. Call us today at (203) 648-3061. Contact CTE today!

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