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Rewiring Brookfield CT

Many homes and businesses in Brookfield have wiring systems over 50 years old that should be upgraded.  Rewiring a property with an undersized or outdated wiring system will save energy, prevent flickering lights and make things safer. Rewiring is a major job though that requires planning, rewiring-brookfield-ct patience, and time.

What is rewiring?

Rewiring involves a lot more than simply replacing the old wires. The fuse or breaker panel may be undersized and require replacing it with a modern panel with a higher rating. This will allow your property to supply the higher demands today’s properties often require.

Why would I need rewiring?

Before 1963, most homes were equipped with 60-amp fuse panels, which was enough since homes used less electricity. Today homes use a lot more electricity and require better panels and wiring to meet the need. Even insurance companies typically won’t insure properties with a 60-amp panel because they are inherently undersized and dangerous.

What size wiring and panel is standard today?

If your property is newer it is likely equipped with a 100 to a 200-amp panel. Smaller homes of 3000 square feet or less can usually get by with the smaller 100-amp service. Larger homes and businesses typically have service panels of 200-amps or more. The wiring sizes will depend on the size and demand of the circuit. Lighting and plugs are typically 15-amp circuits with 14 gauge wire while GFI plugs are 20-amps with 12 gauge wiring. Major appliances like water heaters and ovens usually use 240 volt 30 to 50-amp circuits with better wire.

What should I replace when rewiring my property?

If you are going to the trouble and expense of rewiring it is best to replace as much as possible. Use up to date electrical boxes and follow that up with the switches, plugs, and GFI plugs. This is also a good time to update lighting fixtures and smoke detector systems.

Why should I use a licensed electrician for my rewiring?

It is important to note that rewiring a building is a major job that should be done by professionals. A professional electrician adheres to safety codes and will make sure your property is safe and secure.  Some people consider trying rewiring on their own or with a slightly experienced friend, but more often than not this ends up bad. In conclusion, unless you have years of electrical experience you are always better off hiring a pro for this job.

Your rewiring expert

Our experience over the last 30 years in the electric industry is invaluable in helping your project finish on budget. We have worked with almost every manufacturer of electric components and can navigate almost any system. As a highly respected electrician in the state, CTE Electric is the clear choice for your next project.

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