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When you are ready for lighting design in Connecticut look at CTE Electric. There is nothing that can make a room quite as lighting design can. Lighting can set the ambiance, highlight decorations, and really make a room pop. Here at CTE Electric, we take pride in helping clients with a lighting design that looks great and is timeless. Whether you are trying to design lighting for your home or business we can help. lighting-design-danbury-ct

Lighting Design

When we design a lighting layout we take into account the scale of a project. We like using the utilitarian space of the room. In today’s modern world we dare say that our clients want a great finished product. So we like to keep the cost down as much as possible on their project. I am always particularly partial to clear light. Having been to many homes I know that the homeowners often put up high wattage bulbs to further bring out their décor.

Residential Lighting Design Danbury

Let’s face it- lighting is a major player in creating a pleasing environment in any room. Today’s contemporary designs require us to stay up to date with the latest trends, while also maintaining a certain degree of comfort. In order to coexist workspaces of business and residential, it necessary to create a scheme that is both visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing. But in the parlance of business lighting is not just one area but a broad concept that is important to a total design scheme.

Commercial Lighting Design in Danbury

Commercial lighting needs to serve many purposes, the first is to provide ample lighting to meet the business needs and the second is to look great. Additionally, commercial lighting needs to be energy efficient since it is on a great deal of time. We have handled commercial lighting from a small retro wine shop in Darien to large warehouses in Brookfield and understand commercial lighting. We will work with you or the GC to not only meet but to exceed your expectations.

Recessed Lighting Design

Recessed lighting is very popular and can add beauty to almost any room. There are drawbacks to recessed lighting including lack of mobility, retro installations, and serviceability. It is important that when designing your property that you take into account desired locations for recessed lighting as they are not as flexible as other types of lighting. You must consider the structure of the building as recessed lights sit within the framework so it just may not be possible to get exact placement. We are experts in solving the problems that you may encounter when designing a recessed lighting system for your property.

Chandelier Lighting Design

Many of our residential clients are at a loss when it comes to making design decisions on lighting, and as a result, they spend a great deal of time and money researching lighting plans. Many begin by choosing to install a chandelier or ceiling fan, but relatively few stops to consider the possibility of layering lighting and using dimmer switches. Chandeliers are a great asset in a room and if used properly, can create a style that studies have shown can increase the attractiveness of a room by five to fifteen times. To borrow a phrase from corporate-speak, the chandelier lighting scheme ” tricks the eye.” As well as providing a truly remarkable statement piece on its own, the prudent use of wisely placed chandeliers can also significantly reduce your electric bill.

Ceiling Fans

During warm weather, it is normal for the air conditioner to have to work harder for a longer time.  A ceiling fan can help to reduce the use of your air conditioner as it does not use much electricity. Ceiling fans also help to keep that extra room air on the floor circulating which helps to keep the room cool. Ceiling fans can also add to the beauty of a room when used properly as well as deliver lighting.

Natural Lighting

Bringing In Natural Light- In modern design, no space is complete without the inclusion of natural daylight. Without lights, one is not able to enjoy the day before. For rooms such as a kitchen, dining room, or bathroom the design should allow for the use of natural daylight. Natural light helps to lower your electric bills at the same time, as it helps to keep the area’s temperature lower. When choosing a window treatment for a bathroom for example, if you chose cellular shades, they are essentially designed for your privacy, and will not cut down the natural lighting.

Exterior Lighting

Properly installed exterior lighting can add beauty and security to any property. You may want something as simple as a porch light with lighting for driveways. Or you may want to truly light up the exterior of your property and truly show off its beauty. For commercial applications, you may need an in-depth exterior lighting system to welcome customers and create a safe secure location. We can help you design an exterior lighting system that is within budget and will look amazing.

Pool Lighting Design

Here in the northeast, the swimming season is short. So people like to use their pools often even after the sun goes down. In-pool lighting is beautiful and can extend your pool use time dramatically not to mention improve swimmer safety. You may also want to install lighting that makes the area around the pool warm and inviting. Maybe with floodlighting and shrub lighting to create a great ambiance. When you are ready to set up your pool lighting give us a call. We will guide you every step of the way to create a safe and comfortable pool within budget.

Now that you know CTE Electrics lighting design is backed by years of experience with lighting give us a call. We will walk you through the whole process to discuss pricing, feasibility, and a solid plan of action. We want to be your go-to company for all your lighting needs today, tomorrow, and in the future.

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