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Generator installation in Brookfield

Power outages are becoming more common and seem to be lasting longer these days. Nearly 50 percent of all power outages are caused by weather, but 35% are due to equipment failure due to the aging and overstressed power grid. So what can property owners do?

A popular option is to install a standby generator also called a whole-house generator. This is the property owner’s own power source on standby. Many generators will start up as soon as the power goes out to power the property’s electrical needs.

How much does a whole house generator cost?

The costs of a generator can vary from $600 for a manual start to $5000 or more for an automatic.  The cost is dependent on the property owner’s needs. If you are on a budget you may want to consider a manual start generator, but there are drawbacks. Manual generators usually can only power a portion of the property energy needs and require some technical know-how to operate. The automatic generator usually while costing more is convenient and can meet all the needs of most properties.

What size generator do I need?

Selecting the right generator is based on budget, energy requirements, and available space for installation. Many middle-class homeowners select a manual start generator. The manual start is cost-effective, can handle most of the energy needs of a property, and can easily be stored. Automatic generators can meet all the needs of a property and require no technical knowledge to operate but are expensive.

How do I install a generator?

Manual generators can be stored in a small location and require a transfer switch and plug to connect to your property. The transfer switch and plug can be set up by a qualified electrician in only a few hours for a nominal charge. Automatic generators require LP gas to operate and complex wiring so they should only be installed by costly qualified experts.

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