Exterior Lighting

When you plan on installing or repairing your exterior lighting in Connecticut, call CTE Electric. We are the areas leading electrician for installing and servicing exterior lighting so you can be sure you’re calling the best. . CTE Electric is proud to have serviced the residents and businesses across Connecticut for over 15 years.  exterior-lighting

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is one of the most exciting ways you can make your property pop and stand out from the crowd. The choices of various lighting schemes are very wide so we have installed most of them. Whether you want standard porch lighting all the way to garden lights we have the solution to meet your needs.


Spotlight is a general term for lights that only point in one direction. But spotlights can be used in many ways including uplighting, downlighting, and much more. Pointing a spotlight up on a wall and creates a wall gazing feel. Spotlights can set up in a wide range of brightness and colors to really enhance the property. You can use a spotlight to highlight a particular item or area of the property to really bring it into the entire décor.

Step lights

Just like the name implies step lights light up your stairs and serve two purposes. The first of course is to make your steps far safer as people can see where they are walking. The second is purely aesthetic as step lights can really make a property pop and highlight to the beauty of your property.

Flood Lighting

Floodlights can illuminate parking areas, walking areas, and play areas. It is obvious great floodlighting makes a property safer and more secure, but they also beautify the property. A great flood light scheme can highlight certain areas of the property including pools, play areas, pet areas, and much more.


Uplights can be used to highlight shrubbery, trees, flagpoles, statues, siding, and even porches. Down Lighting is used to enhance railings, siding, ground shrubbery, and walkways. When properly laid out these lights can make a property quite beautiful and much safer. We love doing up/downlights just ask and we will lay out a detailed plan to really bring your property to life.

Garden Lights

Placing garden lights in natural areas can show off certain plants and walkways, So light goes down and they are gorgeous in almost any botanical setting. They truly highlight the garden without attracting attention to the light itself. If you want to create a mini-estate type of property we would highly recommend looking into garden lighting.

Other Exterior lights

Whether your talking Bollard Lights, String Lights, or all the other possibilities we can create a lighting arrangement that will impress. When you think of your next project call us and let us guide you through your entire exterior lighting project. Contact us anytime at 203-648-3961 so we can show you our portfolio.

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