Electric Panel Installation and Upgrade

If you are considering an electric panel upgrade or new installation you have come to the right place. CTE Electric with over 30 years of experience has installed and serviced virtually every panel on the market. Contact CTE Electric to have your panel inspected today at 203-648-3061.

Your electric panel should be inspected yearly according to the Association of Certified Home Inspectors. You should check for rust, overheating, and scorching to make sure the panel is working according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Panels over 20 years old should be given serious consideration to be upgraded to accommodate today’s more advanced GFI breakers, ARC fault breakers, and standard breakers.

What is an electric panel and why should I upgrade?

Your electric panel is the box where your fuses or breakers are housed and is the main distribution point for all electrical circuits in the property. Older panels have fuses that either screw in to or clip into place and protect the circuit from overheating by breaking the circuit if overheated. Newer panels have a switch-like breaker that will trip if the circuit is overheated. The main reason anyone should upgrade is primarily safety since older fuse-type panels can mistakenly have a higher amp fuse installed creating a higher risk of fire. Breaker-type panels that are older also may fail to trip soon enough to prevent fire and should likewise be upgraded.

What size panel do I need?

Electric service panels come in many sizes with 100 Amp and 200 Amp among the most popular. Many people install 200 amps so they have plenty of room for future growth. In older homes, a 100 amp service is usually more than enough. Most newer homes have 200 Amp services so they can meet the needs of newer more modern homes. Consult your licensed electrician for options and best fit for your applications.

What brand of panel should I have installed?

While all the panels on the market today are adequate for virtually all applications there are a few that stand out. My personal favorite is the Square D brand for a few reasons. Top of the list is performance since they meet or exceed UL requirements for all parameters. The second is availability and price because they are cost-effective and available in most major and local supplies.  Finally, they are well thought out and have ample room to work as well as sufficient bus bars for neutral and ground requirements.

Electric Panel Upgrade Experts!

Here at CTE Electric we have been upgrading and installing panels for over 30 years so you can be sure we know yours. We understand the various limitations and benefits of each and every model and can service and recommend necessary upgrades. Contact us when you consider your next electric project for a professional consultation.



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