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When you need a commercial electrician in Connecticut look no further than CTE Electric. Our team of master electricians has completed hundreds of commercial and industrial electric jobs. We have all the necessary staff, technical expertise, equipment, and technology required to bid and complete literally any job.  commercial-electrician-connecticut

Commercial Electrician Connecticut.

Working as an industrial or commercial electrician in Connecticut requires a whole different skill set than residential. Codes are different, multi-phase services and a host of other things are far different. Working with the larger fittings and larger wires can also bring in new challenges requiring heavy equipment.

Secure an Electrician Before an Emergency.

Most of the time the last thing business owners think of is their electrical system. They expect to flip a switch and have the light or machine go on or off as a result. Sometimes however the light or machine does not go on or off as expected and people try changing the bulb or flipping the breaker. If nothing solves your problem you are probably ready to find a licensed commercial electrician you can count on.

Local Electrician

When you start considering your options for finding a commercial electrician in your area you should start with the blue book. There you will find a listing of the areas of top commercial industrial and civil electricians. Once you have a list of names available you do have to do some research to determine which one would be best for you. When you are looking for a commercial electrician in your area you want to be proactive..

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Now that you know how to find a good licensed electrician In Connecticut put CTE Electric at the top of your list. We will show you a level of professionalism and commitment to excellence that is second to none. We will arrive at the time we commit to and finish your work in a cost-effective, clean, and timely fashion. So join the CTE Electric family of satisfied customers today and you’ll likely use us for life. Contact CTE Electric at 203-648-3061

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